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Die drei !!!

I had the great opportunity to work on this project in 2019 with the talented people at Parasol Island.
We were able to watch the movie beforehand to get a sense of what should be included in the title sequence.
Certain elements which appear in the story were then picked up.
For example, the skull or the haunted house, which play key parts in the movie.

Each dot in the beginning represents one of the three characters: Kim, Franzie, and Marie.
At the end of the title sequence, they're then united back together as “die drei !!!”.
I especially loved animating in sync with the music, and I'm proud how it turned out.

You can watch the trailer here.

Title Design:

Parasol Island


Gesine Weckauf
Daniel Schüller


Stephan Krause

Creative Direction:

Sven Terhart
Rafal Suskievic

Character Animation:

Jacob Resch
Daniel Solbach

Motion Design:

Dino Figuera